Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Final CQJP 2012 Challenges Posted

Last night, I got the last of the CQJP2012 finished challenges posted to the main CQJP blog.

This will be the location for ALL finished challenges regardless of the year.

If I have missed any one, or if anyone has finished their project and has not sent me a photo...please advise. Photos can be sent to cqjpchairperson@yahoo.com

Go over and check out the main blog at: cqjpchallenge.blogspot.com

Also, the CQJP2014 Challenge will open for registration on 1 October and close in mid December...so, start thinking about signing up then. I'll post again with details on 1 October.



Monday, February 4, 2013

Editorial Comment


Just wanted everyone following to know that the email and website for CQJP.Org has been closed. This was the main email for the 2012 challenge...

Beginning this year, we are using Blogger for the permanent CQJP photo site and I'm working to get the 2012 Finish Photos loaded to the CQJP Archive for all years now. Hope to be finished with that in a few weeks.

This CQJP2012 Blog will always be visible as well.

Emails about the 2012 CQJP Challenge can be sent to cqjpchallenge@yahoo.com which will be our email for all challenge years in the future. So, no more changes after this. LOL!

And, if you are not following yet...hop on over to the 2013 CQJP Challenge and see the great inspiration from this year's challenge participants too. You can find these photos at cqjp2013.blogspot.com



Debra S., Texas, USA - Finished