Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Submissions - Editorial Note

We have posted all photos received for January 2012 (so far).

If you have sent a photo...and it has not been posted...then we did not receive it. Please re-send it.

If you have not yet finished your January worries. Just submit it whenever it is finished. There is no rule that it has to be completed in January...

Of course...we hope you do complete all 12 blocks...but you are not required to stay on a "monthly" schedule. Life will determine how much we get accomplished each month.

Aren't we getting some glorious blocks!! It's wonderful to see all of the beautiful work from across the world!

CQJP2012 Committee


Unknown said...

Yes indeed and I enjoy visiting the blogs of all the participants. Thanks so much for all your hard work to make all this possible.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I cannot believe how intricate the embellishments are on Severine and Claudia's blocks. I can learn much froom them.

Pippas quilts said...

The variety and care taken in all of the blocks is very inspirational I just keep adding to mine so hopefully I will finish it soon. Thank you so much for putting on this blog so that we can all see the lovely work.

Elizabeth Braun said...

I hope to join in next year as CQ is something on my 'to learn' list.=) For this year, TAST and the EJP (Embroidery Journal Project) is enough.=) Keep up the good work, all!=)