Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Registration Has Closed

How exciting these past few weeks of Registration has been!

We have 296 Participants registered to stitch crazy quilt patchwork blocks in 2012! We are just so excited! Participants are from all over the world!

The stitching is sure to be diverse! Think of all of the inspirational photos we will have the opportunity to view this coming year. Think of the blogs we can visit and view more details of work by some of these artists!

And...we already have our first photo submitted...thanks to Masha in Russia! But, we will wait until January to start posting Masha is being patient to see her gorgeous block posted here on the CQJP Blog.

Also...we have added a new page to the blog...Photo Submission. Please take the time to read this so you understand that submission of images should be "your own work"; and that once the image is submitted it will be posted on the blog, might be posted on the website, and might be used in advertisements for CQJP.

Each month, we will post images to the blog as they are submitted....just as fast as we can. Give us a day or two to get them done, as the site is not manned full time. And...keep checking back to see all of the "eye-candy"! Follow the blog if you want to make sure NOT to miss anything.

If you have not done so might want to print out the blog (File, Print). That will give you an image of the entire blog page...including the LIST of all of the participants. Especially the list of PARTICIPANTS WITH A BLOG. The print makes a great Checklist! Then, come back to the CQJP blog...and start visiting all of the participants blogs. Each one is linked so just click on a name...and you'll see be sent automatically to their individual blog. Visit for a while... and if you enjoy what you read, you can select to follow that blog so you won't miss any of their work! Check them off of your printed list...and in a few will have enjoyed many wonderful blogs...and probably even start following a few as well!

We have made sure to check that the links are working during the registration of participants. If any of them become broken however...please advise so we can fix them.

If any of our Participants Without Blogs decide to develop a blog of their own this coming year...and provide CQJP with their Blog's URL...we'll move them up to the Participants With a Blog listing. So be sure to review your printed participant list at least you don't miss new blogs!

Now...let's get stitching! Enjoy the challenge!