What is CQJP? It is a personal challenge… all about expanding your creative self while producing a major crazy quilt project within a specific 12-month time-frame. The vision is to make this an annual challenge to promote crazy quilting by inspiring our self and others through publication of our individual twelve month crazy journeys.

Who can participate? Anyone that is willing to commit the time, energy, talent, and desire to create 12 individual blocks over a one-year period. We welcome stitchers from across the globe.

Is there an overall vision? Yes, we hope to grow an interest in the techniques and art of crazy quilting. We hope that participants will be motivated to enter their final project in local display and contest venues so others might see their work. We hope to enlist non-stitchers into the creative world of crazy quilting by their being inspired and encouraged by participants finished projects. We hope to have some participants show their work at the national and international levels.

Do the finished blocks have to be put into a quilt? No, but we hope that they are. The participant can choose to create individual art journal pages with their blocks, instead of the more traditional quilt style display. However, we believe that journal pages would have a more minimal impact on promoting crazy quilting than a consolidated project might.

Can we see other participant’s journal blocks? Yes, a central blog “Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2012” will list all participants with a link to each individual participant’s blog (if existing). Each participant can also submit photos and posts for publication consideration on the main CQJP 2012 Blog as well. The main blog will be the central hub for discussion on the CQJP as we progress through the twelve months.

Are the blocks judged each month? No, the blocks are your own challenge. Only you can judge when they are perfect.

What are the guidelines for participating? Everyone must complete a registration and follow the Project Rules.

How do we submit our finished blocks? Blocks are not submitted. Participants are responsible for completing their individual projects. The website and the blog will help to motivate but participants are ultimately responsible only to themselves. Blogging about your own individual progress and joining other local participants in a stitching bee are also great motivators…and we encourage that as well!

How do we publish our progress on the website? In April 2012, we will review all participants that have submitted at least three of their first four finished blocks to the CQJP Blog 2012. Each of these participants will be given the opportunity to have an individual page on the website to showcase their finished set of blocks. We will also access participants in August (7 completed blocks) and in December (11 completed blocks). So, if life makes it difficult to complete the 3-block milestone by April for website publication…then participants might complete the 7-block milestone or the 11-block milestone in December.

Why do you need our address and phone? Will that info be shared? Addresses are needed for coordination of photo releases after the registration period has ended, and if a participant meets the criteria for publication on the website. Since the website will retain information for years, we also want a more permanent type of contact information than an email address provides. The phone information just makes things quicker...but it is not as important...so participants entering "none" for phone are still being accepted. No...none of the personal information is EVER shared. It is even not shared with all committee members, only those handling the registration have access to the database. And, we will NEVER post a participants full name, address, phone number, or email address on the blog or website.