CQJP 2012 Rules

The CQJP is about promoting the art of crazy quilting and expanding the participant’s individual artistic creativity and technical knowledge.

So, the rules are simple:

·         Registration is from 15 November 2011 until 27 December 2011. Links to Participants blogs will be posted to the CQJP website during the last few days of December 2011.

·         Project Planning and Block Construction can begin no earlier than November 2011 to be considered a valid CQJP 2012 Project.

·         Construct and complete a crazy quilt block each month (January through December) in 2012 that measures at least 36-square inches (225 cm) in size. {Note: this would be a 6 inch by 6 inch block (15 cm x 15 cm). Blocks can be larger, but not smaller. Each month the block can be a different size, but cannot be smaller than the 36-square inches. Blocks do not have to be square (5x8, 6x9, etc is acceptable).

·         Blocks can include any type fabric(s). Blocks can include as many different fabrics as you desire.

·         Blocks can include any form of embellishment you desire.

·         Blocks should challenge your individual skills. Work to expand your artistic views and improve your technical skills.

·         Completed blocks can be considered for publication on the CQJP 2012 Blog via submission of clear photographs to the Project Chairperson by registered participants.

·         Completed blocks can be considered for publication on the CQJP website by invitation of participants who have submitted photos of completed blocks for CQJP 2012 publication in this amount and date of completion schedule:

o   April 2012 – Photos of 3 completed blocks submitted to CQJP 2012 Blog
o   August 2012 – Photos of 7 completed blocks submitted to CQJP 2012 Blog
o   December 2012 – Photos of 11 completed blocks submitted to CQJP 2012 Blog

Website pages will be created for all participants meeting any/all of the deadlines. All website pages will be reviewed and edited in January 2013 to include the 12th and final finished project block. Any participant not completing the challenge by the end of December 2012 will forfeit their webpage unless the Project Chairperson approves a brief extension. (We realize that personal issues such as a death in the immediate family could occur in December, making it impossible for a participant to complete the project on time…we will work with situations of this type to help the participant fulfill their challenge.)

·         All participants are encouraged to comment on the CQJP 2012 Blog and can submit Blog Post Questions, Photos, or Technical Tutorials the might be helpful to other participants. All Blog Posts will be reviewed, edited, and approved by the Project Chairperson prior to publication. Posting on the CQJP 2012 Blog and the CQJP Website is optional for participants.